Laws of Nature


by Martin Härtel


Corrected laws of nature and Einstein, new physic, atomic bonds and chemistry, particles- physic, radiates and radiation protection

New plus- minus- astronomy for climate, gravity, light, saurians, stars, sun, planets, moon, venus, mars, galaxies, water and speed of light



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Immediately the old opinion is past


Here central mistakes of the old physics respectively the old outdated opinion are removed

Now we know all small and great particles of our universe.

We know all their basic effects.

We have learned what is energy and how to set it free.

Very important are the real bonds of nucleons, alphas, kernels, atoms, molecules, iones and the gravity.

Also very helpful is the know how of all particles having a wave-length like gammas, light, radio and clangor.


Only this documentations are still to improve. A lot is the standard of 2000.




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